Introducing our “60 Days Trial” SEO Program…

For RM690, we help to rank your website within 60 days,
or you receive a full refund + our SEO works for free

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The Fact…

Many SEO companies charge a few thousand upfront to start a SEO campaign without showing any results. All you can do is “trust” that they will deliver on their promise.

This is a dilemma for most companies and stops them from engaging a professional SEO company. We understand your pain point and that’s why we are here…

Introducing our 60 days trial SEO program:

  • We analyze your business and audit your existing website.
  • We do keyword analysis and present our recommendations.
  • We perform on-site SEO web design services for important pages to make sure it can help to rank your keywords.
  • We do SEO copy writing to make sure the content of your site meets guidelines from the Google Webmaster Tool.
  • We perform off-site search engine optimization that works for the long term. We do not create thousands of low quality links to your website that will potentially cause your site to get penalized by Google.
  • We rank the agreed keywords to top 30 (2 keywords for the trial) within 60 days.
  • We provide bi-weekly reports & statistics that includes daily updates on your rankings.
  • Max 2 clients per niche industry.
  • If you are happy with our results after 60 days, we will charge an agreed monthly fee to maintain, continue and rank more keywords to top 10.
  • No big upfront payment!

But we are NOT going to charge you RM 5,000 or RM10,000 upfront.

We will do all the work for you to trial our services at a small cost of RM 690 (SEO works for 2 months) with 100% guarantee.

(The above fee only applies to medium & low competition niche industry in Malaysia)

How it works?

  • Fill in the discovery form below and give us the details of your business and website.
  • We will contact you and provide a free consultation to understand better your goal.
  • If we are good fit, we shall do keyword analysis and marketing plan based on your requirement.
  • We will present our proposal and walk through the plan to make sure you understand how we help you archive your goal.
  • Once the SEO program kick started, we promise to rank at least 2 keywords in the top 30 during the trial period. (Only for medium & low competition keywords target Malaysia. Other high competition keywords may require longer time.)
  • If we failed to deliver on our promises, you get full money back and all our SEO works for free, no question asked.
  • If we deliver the result as promised, we shall move on to a monthly fee contract to maintain and rank other agreed keywords to top 10. The monthly fee normally ranges between hundreds Ringgit Malaysia per month depending on the number of keywords and the competitive level of your niche.
  • Sit back relax. Our team will handle everything for you. You will receive a weekly ranking report about your website visibility.

Exclusive Bonus

facebook remarketingAlthough SEO marketing is our main focus, we do believe business owners like you can do more to increase your sales conversion.

This is because 96-98% of your visitors may not make any purchase during their first visit. Only 2%-4% visitors become your customer.

Many business owners think in order to get more sales, the only solution is to bring in more and more traffic.

But isn’t it a waste to simply let the previous, unconverted visits go away?

Consistent with our goal to get more sales for our clients, we build a step by step blueprint that will teach you how to use remarketing ads to increase the visibility to these visitors, engage them, and increase their chances of buying from you using only very low cost ads.

Additional 5-10% of conversions still make huge difference to your business revenue.

This exclusive bonus will able to help you fully utilize the traffic from your SEO marketing.

But You Need to Act Fast!

We can only accommodate a maximum of 2 clients in the same niche and industry.

This is our way of protecting our clients, and ensuring quality service to each one of them.

We can’t compete with our self.

Here are some traffics generated for our clients…

online business

High-price niche

Just imagine how it can changes your business?

How it can helps you generate more income?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why do I need to pay a monthly fee to maintain the ranking?
    This is because there are lots of expenses and efforts involved in monitoring your site and continuing with off-page optimization efforts to make sure you always stay at the top of the rankings. Your competitors continuously improve their website, and they will outrank you if you stop your SEO works.
  • Do I need to pay the monthly fees if the ranking doesn’t meet the agreed result?
    No. You will be only charged if the ranking meets our agreed result. For example, if we only rank 3 out of 5 keywords, we only charge the monthly fees for the 3 keywords. So, it is pay per result and no risk for you at all.
  • What if the result is delivered but I do not want to proceed?
    The start-up fees will not be refunded. All authority links used to rank your site will stay for one month and taken down after that. That will decrease your ranking as those are the main factors to rank your site.
  • What happens if I decide to stop the campaign within 12 months?
    You keep all our optimization works. But we may pull back the high authority links as we it comes with a certain cost to support it. Your ranking will usually decrease since that is one of the main factors to push a website to #1.
  • Do you use any black hat method to rank a site?
    Just like our Organic SEO program, we do not create thousands of low quality link to rank any site. We are using the top quality and up to date SEO strategies to rank our client’s site.
  • Why should I trust what you say?
    We will rank the agreed keywords within 60 days. If we fail to keep our promise, you get your money back + all the SEO work done by us for free.
  • What do you lose?
    You either receive a successful service and new sales, or you get your money back + free SEO work. In short, you have got nothing to lose.

Everything Sounds Good?

And remember, we have very limited spot as we only get max 2 clients for each niche.

What do you lose?

You either receive a successful service and new sales, or you get your money back + free SEO work. In short, you have got nothing to lose

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