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dentist marketing strategiesToday’s, internet is commonly used by everyone when searching for a product or services. This is not surprising as it is convenient and gets the desired info within seconds. Most people rarely search through newspaper or hardcopy leaflet. A business website is the fundamental to get found online.

Do you know that many dentists in Malaysia have a great-looking website, yet nobody knows about it? Never being found by potential patients means no revenue. A website is useless if it can’t help you increase your revenue.

If you want to turn your website into something that will help you generate revenue 365 days a year, 24 X 7 a week, this will be the most important info you will see all year.

What is the best strategy to get online targeted traffic to your web site?

With over 3.5 billion searches recorded each day, Google provides the biggest potential free traffic to your website.

Do you know what patients search for in the Google search engine?

Here are the part of the keywords related to the dental industry in Malaysia.
Teeth Whitening Malaysia 210
Braces Malaysia 390
Dentist Malaysia 90
Dental Malaysia 90
Dental implant cost in Malaysia 40

The keywords searches extend to other dental services including dental implant (260 searches), teeth whitening (720 searches) and etc.

keyword monthly searches

What do all these numbers mean?

What if one’s website shows on the 1st page of Google search result based on the above keywords?

If your website can stand out from the crowd to rank in the top 10 of a search result, you can potentially get at least 200-300 hundred leads every month.

If 5% of the leads or inquiries turn into your patients, that will easily generate 20-30 new patients for your clinic every month.

Assuming each patient generate average RM 300 revenue in general services. That will be additional RM 6000-9000 every month. How could it change your revenue if few of them are looking for the following services?

more patients with dental SEO marketing
  • Crown and bridge works
  • Dental veneers
  • Oral surgery
  • Endodontics
  • Orthodontist
  • Root canal
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Dental braces
  • Dental implants

All these services costs from RM500++ up to few thousands per case.

Without doing proper search engine marketing (SEO), you’re not showing up on the 1st page search results when patients are searching for the types of services that you offer. They never even know you exist & instead book with your competitor.

Let’s be honest. You are not taking the benefit of a marketing tool that could increase your income 365 days a year, 24 X 7 a week, for far less than it costs to hire a salesperson for your company.

I have a question for you

Do you want to get more visitor, leads and patients from your website?

We offer specialized search marketing (SEO) services to promote dental services throughout Malaysia. We have a set of proven strategies for the dental niche industries that are able to deliver solid results over the long term. Our All-In-One marketing packages & strategies include:

Professional Dental Website

We help to create great-looking website that help to covert to your visitor to patients. (If you do not have one)

SEO Friendly Design

Complete and efficient on-page optimization that set the fundamental to dominate the top search engine result fast.

Professional Copy-Writing

Help to write content & articles related to your services for your website.

Keyword Analysis

We suggest the best keywords that fit to your products, services and location. Setting the right keyword maximize your visitors, customers and ROI.

Best Off-Page Optimization

High quality off-page optimization that works for long term. No low quality works that potentially penalized by Google.

Affordable & Worry Free Enrollment

Offer competitive web design package and  month-to-month SEO packages. No big up-front payment requires.

We helped numerous businesses in this industry generate X times of revenue after joining our program.

If you want to grow your customers and revenues from search engines, please enter your email below to get a FREE consultation from us. You will receive the following reports, which cover:

Website Analysis

We audit and analyze your website and provide detail report about your website on-page optimization score and off-page optimization link profile.

Keyword & Competitive Analysis

We provide an analysis report that indicates how many monthly searches for each keyword in your service location and the competition among your competitors.

Free Consultation

Offer free 30 minute phone call consultation services on how to improve your business with search marketing.

We do not accept more than 2 clients in the same niche industry and location to protect our clients.

If you are ready to dive in, contact us now before others fill up the slots!

We look forward to hear you from the other side.

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