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Before we proceed further, make sure that you’re a business owner that has a physical address located in Malaysia.

With that being said, your company is on the right path to generate more leads and sales online.

The 4 Steps

First of all, I just wanted to let you know that you are AWESOME and I love that you taken the first step in implementing an effective SEO campaign to increase your company’s sales numbers in your area.

As we’ve mentioned in our checklist, Local SEO Optimization basically involves 4 steps as described below:

  • Google Business Page Creation & Optimization
  • Client Webpage Optimization
  • Building Local Citations
  • Reviews Management

Note: If you are not sure on the to-do’s of every step, you can always download our Local SEO Checklist here.

Ideally, you would want to implement our local SEO optimization on your own. Here is a sample to-do list:

  1. Do your research. Learn every detail about our checklist through the internet.
  2. Perform keyword analysis using the Google Keyword Planner tool to ensure that your target keywords have decent monthly search numbers and has local snack pack results.
  3. Be careful in registering your Google Business Page. Always make sure you get the NAP right (Extremely important)
  4. Apply on-page optimization on your website. You may need to learn some programming codes for certain changes and tweaks.
  5. Build citations in relevant local websites, local directories and international directories. This process may take weeks to months depending on the number of citations.
  6. Build links to increase the page authority (PA) of your citations (Optional advance technique)
  7. Plan and implement the review management process to encourage your customers to give positive reviews.

Your Time…

For every step look straight forward, okay? All you need is TIME.

You need time to learn, do research, implement the required changes, build citations and so on.

But for a busy business owner like you, time is money. If you allocate an ample amount of your time, you may able to generate more sales and get more tasks done. You just simply identify your specialties.

Our Specialty

For us, local SEO optimization is our specialty.

  • We have helped numerous business owners get in to the local snack pack listing
  • Google Keyword Planner is our friend and we use it every day.
  • We know every detail and step to fully optimize both your Google Business Page and your website.
  • We know the best websites to build good citations for every niche in any industry.
  • We know how to obtain an authority link to power up your citations and deliver a top ranking website on Google.
  • We have our own review management process for you to use and share with your customers to encourage them to write good reviews for your business.

Isn’t it cool that we can provide a hassle-free method to solve your problems? We’re doing all the SEO work for you! You can just sit back and focus on the other parts of your business.

Yes, with our help you can save valuable time!

But how much does it cost?

We have paid for numerous courses and spent hours upon hours of learning to master all the techniques from various online experts around the world. Typical high quality SEO package easily cost more than RM10,000 per year.

  • We help you to do extensive keyword analysis.
  • We help you register and optimize your Google Business Page.
  • We help you to optimize your web page with your targeted keywords.
  • We help you to build the citations and back power it with high authority links.
  • We provide a review management process that help you get more positive reviews.

But we are NOT going to charge you RM 10,000 upfront for these.

We will do all the work for you at a small cost of RM 600 per month with 100% guarantee. Plus, you are entitled to our risk free 60 days trial SEO program.

(The above fee only applies to medium & low competition niche industry for local businesses in Malaysia)

Our Pay per Result Local SEO Program

Here is the deal for medium & low competition niche target Malaysia:

In the 1st and 2nd Month,

You’ll be paying a start-up fee of RM 690, we will help you with Google Business Page Creation, Optimization, client website on-page optimization, as well as, the first batch of your citations (at least 10).

We guarantee at least 2 keywords rank in top 30 (page 3) after 2 months.

  • If we failed to deliver, you get all your money back + a Starbucks coffee.
  • On the other hand, we continue your SEO program as per agreement.

In the 3rd and 4th month,

We charge a fixed monthly fee of RM600 so that we can continue to build your citations and authority links to achieve a top rank for your Google Business Page.

Top rankings should pop up during this time and your sites best result should show in the 4th-5th month of the service.

This special fee only applies to Local SEO program. Our Organic SEO cost minimum RM750 per month.

On month 5-12

We charge a prorated monthly fee of RM 100 for every page 1 keyword base on local snack pack map result and also organic result. But we set the maximum monthly fee to RM600/month.

For example, if we have 3 keywords in page 1 result, we will charge RM 300. But if we have 9 keywords in page 1, we will only charge you RM600 NOT RM900.

After a year of service,

If you wish to continue using our service to maintain your ranking, your monthly fee will be reduced by 50% (RM 50/keywords and max RM 300/month).

Exclusive Bonus

facebook remarketingAlthough SEO marketing is our main focus, we do believe business owners like you can do more to increase your sales conversion.

This is because 96-98% of your visitors may not make any purchase during their first visit. Only 2%-4% visitors become your customer.

Many business owners think in order to get more sales, the only solution is to bring in more and more traffic.

But isn’t it a waste to simply let the previous, unconverted visits go away?

Consistent with our goal to get more sales for our clients, we build a step by step blueprint that will teach you how to use remarketing ads to increase the visibility to these visitors, engage them, and increase their chances of buying from you using only very low cost ads.

Additional 5-10% of conversions still make huge difference to your business revenue.

This exclusive bonus will able to help you fully utilize the traffic from your SEO marketing.

But You Need to Act Fast!

We can only accommodate a maximum of 2 clients in the same niche and industry.

This is our way of protecting our clients, and ensuring quality service to each one of them.

We can’t compete with our self.

Here are some traffics generated for our local clients…

consulting business

local business

Just imagine how it can changes your business?

How it can helps you generate more income?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How many keywords do you optimize?
    Ideally, we don’t put a limit to the number of keywords as long as it is relevant to your business and stick to the 5 categories that best define your Google Business Page. However, the number is usually more than 10, depending on the niche you are working on.
  • What happens if you fail to deliver any result after 5 months?
    We will not charge you any monthly fee. From our end, we will continue to put in our own investment to rank your Google Business Page. If we still can’t rank any keywords after the 8th month, we will do a full refund on all your investment plus a Starbucks coffee.
  • What is the cost differences between Local SEO and Organic SEO?
Local SEO Organic SEO
Start-Up Fee RM690 From RM690
Max. Monthly Fee
(Medium & Low Competition Niche)
RM600 From RM750
Fee for one keyword in per page 1 RM100 From RM150

Note: Fee for high competition niche are vary depends on each target niche and keywords.

  • What happens if I decide to stop the campaign within 12 months?
    You keep all our optimization works. But we may pull back the high authority links as we it comes with a certain cost to support it. Your ranking will usually decrease since that is one of the main factors to push a website to #1.
  • Do you use any black hat method to rank a site?
    Just like our Organic SEO program, we do not create thousands of low quality link to rank any site. We are using the top quality and up to date SEO strategies to rank our client’s site.
  • Does the RM500/month apply to every business?
    There are high competition niche such as real estate will need more effort and cost in order to archive top ranking. But this monthly fee able covers most medium & low competition local businesses in Malaysia.
  • What if I already have a Google Business Page (But is not in snack page result), do you have any discount for that?
    We still need to go through the entire optimization process. Registration of the Google Business Page is just a small step in the entire local SEO optimization.
  • What happens next after I fill up the discovery form?
    We will schedule a free consultation call to understand more about your business and goal. If we are good fit for both of us, we will schedule, present and walk through our marketing proposal to help you archive your goal.

Everything Sounds Good?

And remember, we have very limited spot as we only get max 2 clients for each niche.

For an average cost of RM 500/month,
you can start getting free website traffic from the Google search engine.

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