The Ultimate List Of 100++ Cheap Web Hosting & How To Choose The Right One
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The Ultimate List Of 100++ Cheap Web Hosting And How To Choose The Right One

Nowadays, you can easily find dozen of web hosting providers. The price has been reducing tremendously due to the high competition in this industry. This means that it is possible to get a good quality and reliable web hosting provider at very affordable price. This article will be helpful for those who are looking for cheap web hosting. It can be used for authority sites, eCommerce as well as blogs. Firstly, Let me sharing few quick tips how I choose the right hosting.
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best priceAlthough cheaper hosting doesn’t means it is not good. But I will go for slightly expensive well-known provider to host my authority site or company website. I will avoid dollar hosting (< $12 per year) and get higher-end package as their support normally are much better. I have experienced with a dollar hosting company where 2 of my sites were down for weeks. Not accessible from public and the MYSQL server is down when try to open from the control panel (cpanel). Imagine what if you host an E-commerce site and it down for weeks. You are losing weeks of income and revenue. But if you are building your personal blog or blog networks, it is totally fine if you got for dollar hosting since the up time is not important. I am not saying all the dollar hosting companies are bad as there are still many provide excellent quality.

Company Background

I usually check 3 things from their website. First, does the web site design still in 90’s old design and only 5-6 pages content? Most authority hosting provider constantly updates their site to make it more user friendly and have many pages which support knowledge pages. Secondly, check the “about us” and “Contact” page to find out their background. I will avoid those who doesn’t put detail story about their company as I believe a good company should be proud to share their story. Do they provide support phone number and physical company address? This is important to make sure they are not one-man reseller hosting company which doesn’t really care on these pages. Lastly, check whether they offer domain name registration services. Most authority web hosting company offers this service. This may not be always right but it is a good check if you look for high-end hosting providers.


hosting reviewsThe easiest way is check through via Google by simply type in the hosting company name + “Review”. Quickly go through the first page result can give you an idea on their reputation. Most of the comments from forums or blog are quite true especially when you see lot of negative review and comments.

Server Location

If your target audience is for local visitors, it is always good to choose the closest server near your visitors. This can provide the maximum speed to your visitors. Some authority hosting companies provide different server locations which are highly recommended as it can speed up your site. At the same time, it shows that they are authority companies as they manage to setup multiple data centers. If you are setting up a blog network, the server location will be important to make sure you diversify your hosting IP.
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100++ cheap web hosting providers

Here are the lists of cheap web-hosting providers gather from various sources. I categorize hosting fees at $50 and below consider as cheap web hosting. Indeed, the list below has 50++ providers offer yearly fees for < $12 and 80++ providers offer yearly fees < $24. Here are some notes when reading the lists.

  • The prices are listed price without any additional coupon/promo discount at yearly basis.
  • There might be small differences due to currency conversion where some hosting providers offer in different currency.
  • The discount/coupon might be out date as most providers constantly changing the code. Do a quick search on Google to find out the latest code.
  • The price lists are check on 20 Sep 2014 and may subject to change from time to time.
  • The server locations are check base on provider’s website. Some provider doesn’t mentioned their data center and label as “N/A”.
  • “UL” in No. Websites column equal to unlimited website.
  • I try to maintain the information to be as recent as possible. Please let me know if you found any mistake or correction needed.
  • None of the links below are affiliate links.
  • I recommend to do your own review before choose the right hosting provider. I can’t guarantee the quality of each provider. Please use it as your own risk.
No.Hosting CompanyYearly PricePotential DiscountCouponServer LocationNo. Websites$3.00US, CA1$5.00US, UK5$5.00US3$5.00N/A1$6.00US (Clifton NJ)2$6.00N/AUL$6.00N/AUL$7.00US, UKUL$7.50US (Seattle)1$8.10US (Washington DC, Seattle, Texas), UK (London), NL (Amsterdam), SGUL$8.10UK, US, NL2$8.88N/A5$9.00US1$9.00US2$9.00N/A1$9.1550% off ONE timeS2014US (Los Angeles, Orlando)1$9.50US1$10.00CA, DE (German)1$10.00N/AUL$10.0020%DEALN/AUL$10.00US (Las Vegas), NL (Amsterdam)UL$10.00US (Dallas)2$10.2025%25HMUS (Los Angeles)1$10.80N/A1$11.04N/A10$11.40US (Los Angeles)1$11.40US, CA, UK, ZA (South Africa), SG10$11.80US (Dallas, Florida)10$11.90US1$11.95N/A5$12.00US (Texas)1$12.00N/A1$12.00USUL$12.00N/AUL$12.00US1$12.00N/AUL$12.00US (Los Angeles CA)1$12.00US1$12.00N/A1$12.00US (Orlando)1$12.00N/A1$12.00US, HK3$12.00US (Atlanta, Los Angeles CA)1$12.00US1$12.00N/A5$12.00US5$12.00US1$12.00N/A1$14.75US (Lansing MI, Los Angeles CA, West Chester PA), CA (Montreal QC)UL$15.00N/A5$15.0025%25offlifeN/A3$15.00MY1$16.5735%WHT_SPRING14UK10$18.00N/A10$18.00US, RO (Romania), UK1$19.5050%UK (Sittingbourne Kent)1$19.99N/A2$22.93US, CA, FR, DE (German)1$23.40N/A1$23.40N/AUL$23.40N/AUL$23.53US, SGUL$24.0020%20RECURRINGN/AUL$24.00CAUL$24.00US, UK (Do not sign up this company as I had bad experience with this company. Account not created after make payment)UL$24.00N/A2$24.0040%WHT40OFFUS (East, West), AsiaUL$24.00N/A2$24.00US, DE(Germany)2$24.00FR (Paris)3$24.00N/A2$24.96US (Dallas TX)1$25.00MY5$25.5015%15OFFUS, CA, UK2$26.00UK5$29.5050%launchUS (Florida)UL$29.9050%cuTr2phaqeUS, UKUL$30.00MY1$32.4020%LoveWHT20US (Bufallo NY)2$32.88US, UK5$33.00MY2$33.00MY1$35.00MY10$35.6435%save-lifeN/AUL$35.6440%SAVEME40US (Utah)1$35.7050%wht50lifeUS (Dallas)UL$36.0015%etha15US (Chicago)UL$36.0050%50offshared14US (Dallas TX, Buffalo NY, Los Angeles CA, Chicago, Atlanta)5$36.0010%10OFFN/A5$36.0025%WHTMARCH2014US, UK5$39.4825%october2014US (Dallas, Washington, Seattle, San Jose, California), NL (Amsterdam), SGUL$41.40US,SG, UK, NL1$42.00N/A1$43.0005%5NC25N/A1$46.80US, DE (German), IN (India)25$47.40US (Utah)1$47.40US (PortLand)25$47.4025%US-WHT2012-25US (Phoenix, Chicago), NL(Amsterdam)UL$47.50US (Chicago)1$47.8825%WHT25offUS (Florida)5$48.0050%50LIFEUS (Dallas)UL$49.95AU1$57.1230%whtUS (East, Central, West), NL, SGUL$59.4050%50offlifeUS (Dallas TX), UK (London), SG10$59.8850%forumN/A5$60.0050%wht50US (Chicago, Pennsylvania)UL

How do you choose your web hosting? Which hosting are you using? Do you have any new hosting provider to share? Please comment below and I shall add in to the list.

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