3 Important Elements for Any Website Design in Malaysia

Would you like to improve your website, specifically finding a way to increase your conversions? People that are able to do this often find that changing the appearance of their website is what tends to help the most. You only have a few seconds when people arrived to build trust, convincing them to stay a little bit longer to see what you have to offer. There are several elements that can motivate them to stay, and here are three that must be addressed if you want to have the best possible chance of making sales from your website

The Header And Logo Graphics

The type of graphics that you use on your website can have a lot to do with whether or not you will be able to convince people of how professional your company actually is. A cookie-cutter website, one that does not have graphics at all, is not going to motivate people to stay. You need to use a logo that is professionally designed, one that may incorporate a unique image along with the name or an abbreviation representing your company. Additionally, you may also have a header graphic which is typically placed at the top of the website, representing the products that you sell. These have to be done by someone that is a professional web designer, or at least a graphics designer that understands what must be on a website. They will understand the proper sized to make them, and will likely have done hundreds of these before, helping you to get either one, or both, done by a long-term professional.

Proper Navigation

Navigating your website can happen in one of three different ways. First of all, most people have a top bar where they can click on categories. This will also have a search function, allowing people to type in a keyword for a product they are looking for, helping them to find that item right away. Second, there should also be a sidebar on either the left or right. This will ensure that people can see the different categories. The top bar may not have enough room, but the sidebars always will, as well as subcategories that may also be displayed when they hovered their mouse over the link. Finally, they also need to have links underneath images representing the products that you are selling, hyperlinks that will go directly to each and every page. This will allow people to get more information on each product, and conveniently add them to the shopping cart, which is the third thing that you need to address on your website.

Easy To Use Shopping Cart

Finally, you do need to have a shopping cart if you have multiple products that you offer for sale. This will be available for not only first-time customers, but those that already have an account that are logged in. The shopping cart will simply store all of the items, and new customers can easily create their account which must occur before they can make a purchase. This is standard practice on any website that sells products. Therefore, they will be conditioned to put in their name and email address. They will then enter in their credit card information, and you will receive in order for what needs to be shipped out for new and existing customers every day.

Bonus Strategy

Every website that you create absolutely needs to have a newsletter, one that people will sign up for either prior to becoming a customer, or that they will automatically be subscribed to after they make a purchase. This allows you to contact these people without having to pay for additional advertising. Not only will the save you money, but since they have given you permission to send them offers on the latest products that you have available, this will increase your bottom line.

These three elements out of dozens are absolutely essential for having a successful website in Malaysia. The website graphics and theme needs to be professional. The navigation needs to be very easy to use. Finally, you need to have a shopping cart that can be easily accessed, helping customers to purchase their products without any problems at all.

Now watch this video to find out the more best design element.