Responsive Web Design in Malaysia and Its Benefits

Many Malaysian people have heard about responsive web design, but they may not understand what it actually refers to. For example, you may know how to program a website, using HTML, but responsive websites in PHP are a little bit different. They are able to change the formatting of the webpage that is shown so that any user, using any device, can see proper formatting. For example, if you are using a smart phone, what is displayed will be different than what you will see on a regular PC computer screen. Let’s go over how this works, and what the many benefits are to using responsive web design for your business.

A Brief Overview of Response Web Design

What the creators of responsive websites realized long ago was that there were always going to be changes to the way people viewed websites online. Of course, screen sizes would change, but what has changed the most is the different types of computers and devices that are actually able to see this information. For example, if you are using your iPhone, and then switch to your iPad, and then subsequently moved to your laptop computer, you are going to see that the screen is going to change although the content will not, simply displayed in a completely different way.

How Does The Browser Know How To Change?

It is actually not the browser that is changing the display, but the programming on the PHP programming that is used on the websites. They will be able to detect what type of device is actually trying to view the content, and then it will present information in that format. So, if you are going to create a website selling a single product, or multiple products, you will want the website to conform to the screen of those that are viewing. This will limit your bounce rate considerably. If they are able to see what is on your website in the best way for their particular device, making it easy for them to navigate, they are definitely going to stay and potentially by something that you have to offer.

What Are The Benefits Of Responsive Web Design?

As we just mentioned, one of the primary benefits is the bounce rate is definitely going to diminish because people will be able to easily see what you have to offer. Once the website conforms to their screen, they should have no problem navigating. Second, it’s going to motivate them to check out your site regardless of what device they happen to be on. They might want to see what is being sold while they are in the passenger seat of a car, and they will know that they can do this with their tablet computer or smartphone. Finally, the benefit is that you are going to tap into markets that you otherwise would not have been able to. There are some people that seldom use a laptop computer, whereas others may only use their desktop PC. More people than ever before are using their smart phones and tablet computers for doing any shopping at all, and all of these people will now be able to access your website because you are using a responsive web design.

Is This Hard To Implement?

When this initially came out, the people that had access to this technology were those that new programmers that were able to do this type of programming. Today, you can download a free responsive web design from hundreds of different locations. Although it will change in its appearance, you have to realize that you will need to configure your template to properly present your content and products. This may take a little bit of time, which is why you may still need to use a web design company, or someone familiar with that particular template, so that they can get everything just right.

responsive web design in KL Malaysia

As more sizes for tablet computers come out, as well as smart phones, responsive web design themes are needed more than ever. You may miss out on over half of the people that might be interested in what you have to sell if you do not have one of these on your website presenting your products. Hopefully you will be able to find one that will work for your business, and if not, simply hire a programmer that can customize one for you. A professional web design is absolutely necessary for ensuring that you will get the most sales, and by having a responsive web design template presenting everything on different devices in a proper way, your sales are simply going to increase as a result of using this for your website.

Here is a simple tutorial about responsive website.