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What is Local SEO Engine DIY Course?

Help you to launch your own SEO marketing to get more sales for your business.

This is an online class, step by step EASY guide to help you to implement an effective SEO campaign without involving much technical skill

Step by Step Course Overview

SEO Training Malaysia - Course Outline

Each step will provide detail training instruction and recommended the outsourcing vendors. With a small amount of investment, you just need to have a plan and outsource most of the works to others.

I started SEO since 2005 and offer SEO services to more than 100 clients in Malaysia & Singapore since 2011. Over time, I had done numerous testing, made a lot of mistakes and learn a set of proven SEO strategies that work very well for local business. I hope this course will help you to avoid those mistakes and launch your SEO campaign with minimal efforts.

adam yong

Course Instructor - Adam Yong

10 Years of SEO experience

How to attend [Local SEO Engine] Course?

[Local SEO Engine] is an online course that includes:

  • Step by Step video
  • Important note & references
  • All the vendors that use by my agency
  • Student Discussion
  • One-to-One 3o mins online coaching
  • Case Study
  • Free 5 primary links done by our inhouse team, which may able to help you rank on page 1 for local keywords in Malaysia (Limited to first 20 students).

Should You Do-It-Yourself or Appoint an SEO Company?

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Do you have the budget to spend RM 1,500 onward every month on SEO marketing?

If yes, it is fine to appoint an SEO company, especially you are busy with your business operation.

But if budget is an issue, why not do it by yourself? Especially if you are a local business owner that serve people in your city only.

For example a tailor in Ipoh, plumber in Penang, roof contractor in JB, dentist in Klang, barber in Damansara, veterinarian in Puchong, pharmacy store in Seremban, etc.

In fact, the SEO competition for local businesses is not high at all. You can implement the SEO campaign on your own with proper guidance to rank your website in top position.

In short, here are the benefits of Do-It-Yourself:

  • You can save at least RM 1,500X 12 = RM 18,000 every year. Plaining an SEO campaign for 3 years? That’s RM 54,000!
  • You control the quality of the SEO campaign so that you can avoid from unethical SEO company use the spammy technic and get your site penalized by Google

Testimonial About The Course

By just implementing the 3 Key optimisation tips, my keyword ranking jump 35 spots into page 2.

Student - Mike Loo

Mike Loo

Tailor in KL

The recommended outsourcing vendor worth back all the investments in this course.

Student - Ken Heng

Ken Heng

Web Designer

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