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Improve Sales

One of our first goals is to improve your sales up to 5 times more than your existing revenue.

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Let me ask you a question... If your company sales increased by 500%, how would that change your life or business income?

For most people, they won’t be stressing about money anymore, and they could possibly expand their business and market reach.

Increase more sales from SEO Malaysia Marketing

If you want some peace of mind when running your own business, plus a step-by-step process, and additional support to jump start and grow your business, then you need to contact one of the best expert like us to gain all these advantages with our 9 Steps Blueprint.

How Can We Use SEO Services to Improve Your Sales by 500%?

Do you know that 90% of the websites have a great looking design but nobody knows about it? Or imagine you have a small shop located hidden in a big shopping mall. Do you think your shop will receive a lot of clients and sales?

The same thing happens to your website here. Your website is useless and will not help you bring in more deals if nobody knows about it.

Search Engine Optimization Works

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Malaysia) is an internet marketing process to put your website in front of the FREE google organic traffic. It helps to rank your website into the top of the results. Thus, increase the online visibility and people visit your website.

We are an SEO Company in Malaysia that specializes in Google Search Engine Optimization services to help you get 5 times to 10 times more business sales online from Google & Microsoft Bing. 

Our 4 Stages, 9 Steps SEO Online Marketing Framework

Stage 1 – Keyword & Business Analysis

We analyse your business, to set the right SEO Malaysia plan which will focus on the right products or services to find the ideal customers.

Keyword Research

Stage 2 – Conversion Rate Optimisation

A top-ranking website that was not properly optimized for maximum conversion useless. It may get visitors, but income result stays flat.

We will optimize your website design & content and implement the right content marketing plan to increase the sales conversion and bring in more sales to your company. 

We also help to setup Google Analytics & Search Console to make sure all traffic data is captured.

Conversion Optimization

Stage 3 – Dominate Google Search Organic Traffic in Malaysia

Ranking on page 1 is not enough because You will only get one spot on the search results. 

We use high-quality link building strategies & tactics to rank multiple spots about your company on the search results.

  • Step 7: Local Map SEO Domination
  • Step 8: Organic SEO Domination
dominate search engine traffic

Stage 4 – Re-Engagement & Follow-Up Your Past Visitors

95% of your visitors will leave your website without any conversion. We will use remarketing strategies to bring back past visitors to your website which will result in an increase of another 5%-10%of sales for your company.

  • Step 9: Remarketing Ads in Social Media & Google Audience Network
facebook remarketing

Top SEO Company: 7 Reasons Why We Are Different Than Other SEO Agencies

This is not a conventional Malaysia SEO strategies that only focuses on ranking keywords of your choice. 

Our expert will increases 5 times or even 10 times of your business sales using our proven Malaysia search engine optimization Digital Marketing Framework.

SEO Services in Malaysia
  1. Tailor-Made Website audit report so you can find out all the website’s weaknesses

    We analyse the business and find out the best user search intent keywords. Or in simple terms, focus on ranking keywords that will bring more sales online.
  2. In-depth SEO Plan so you know how it can help you rank better which means you will get more organic visitors, leads and sales.

    Our account manager will work with technical SEO specialist to audit your website and find out all the issues within your website including mobile-friendly web design, hosting issue, content marketing, meta tag optimisation, page speed insight, schema markup setup, keyword cannibalization and thin content.
  3. Conversion Optimization so you can get more business sales even with the same amount of users.

    We help to use the best content, conversion rate optimization tactic & strategies to improve the trust, reputation, user experience and customer review. 
  4. Unique Social Proof & Testimonial Management to improve your trustworthy images in front of your potential customers.

    We use our unique online strategy to increase your customer reviews, testimonials and improve our business reputation on monthly basis.
  5. Dominate 1st-Page Results so you can stay competitive ahead of your competitors.

    With the proven online SEO strategies, our expert often help the business owner to rank, not one spot but with multiple places in the search results in order to maximize the organic traffic.
  6. Follow up Marketing Strategy so you can bring past visitors at a fraction of the cost.

    Remarketing ads re-engagement your past visitors and build better awareness for your brand. We use the best practice to manage your Facebook Remarketing ads and Google display ads.
  7. Proven Track Record & Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

    We started our SEO company in 2010 and never stopped to evolve and learn to adapt the latest optimisation best practice.

    Recently, we won an contest in Asia region and archive multiple spots in the first page of search results.

Will This Strategy Work for My Company?

Our strategy has worked for almost any business.

However, SEO marketing may not be a good fit for your company if you have any of the following characteristics:

  • Your target keywords have low monthly searches in Google and you don’t operate in a high-priced niche.
    (This is because you will not be able to generate enough sales to cover the costs.)
  • If you are a new business, with no sufficient budget for online marketing.
    (A tight budget doesn’t work for high quality SEO because it needs to operate long term. The other option is implementing it by yourself. Checkout our SEO training course.)
  • You are expecting to rank at top results overnight.

With that being said, if you are ready to make a change and would like to grow your business by five to ten times by optimizing your organic search engines rankings… Plus, if you are in local home service providers such as plumber, aircon service or locksmith, we are pretty confidence able to increase your business sales. This is the time to hire us.

Our SEO expert will be handling everything using our proven online marketing framework to bring in high targeted leads to your website which will results in an increase in sales.

A Piece of Advice… SEO Specialist Malaysia 

Search engine algorithms have evolved, and have become smarter.

A lot of the old fashion techniques like link building method with thousands of low quality links and keyword stuffing will no longer work under the new search engine technology.

And if you are still thinking about focusing on your website organic ranking, then you are leaving a ton of money on the table.

Thus, choosing the right digital marketing agency and SEO expert (like us) is a crucial decision especially if you want to reap the long-term benefits of a modern SEO campaign that can bring in over five times your previous business income.

our advices

Limited Seats

Limited Spots

Lastly, if you are good fit to join us, then you need to act fast. As a responsible SEO specialist in Malaysia, we do not accept more than two clients in the same niche industry in one location. This is our way of protecting our clients and ensuring we deliver quality works to each one of them. To keep our work at peak quality, we only accept 5 new clients each month.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

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