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A proven SEO Marketing Framework will help you get the ideal traffic from Google searches, increase your revenue, and help grow your business.

Discover how our proven SEO Marketing Strategy has helped business like yours increase 283% monthly revenue.

Here is one of our customer’s success story:

  • Their revenue increased from RM80k/month to RM307k/month within 10 months.
  • Increased monthly organic traffic from 5000 visitors a month to over 15000 visitors which is three times more than their regular traffic
  • Business expanded from one location to three new locations
  • Brought in an additional RM38k/month revenue with our simple remarketing ads which only cost them RM 823/month.

4 Stages, 9 Steps SEO Marketing That Will Help You

The proven SEO Services is made up of reliable processes, secret tactics, and best practices which will help improve your sales numbers. 

It is not the typical SEO campaign which just focuses on ranking keywords of your choice but your sales revenue will stay flat.

This powerful SEO Marketing Framework is designed to improve your your business revenue up to five times using SEO organic traffic as a part of its core strategy.

Discover the Proven SEO Marketing Strategy That Generates More Sales

Stage 1 – Analysis

We analyse your business, to set the right SEO marketing plan which will focus on the right products/services to find the ideal customers.

  • Step 1: Finding Profitable Products/Services - We analyse your business and find out your most profitable products or services to focus base on 80/20 rule (or Pareto Principle).
  • Step 2: Keyword Analysis - We use multiple tools (Ahref, SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner) to dive in deep in finding the best keywords for your SEO campaign.
Choose the right keywords

Stage 2 – Conversion Rate Optimization

A top-ranking website that was not properly optimized for maximum conversion useless. It may get visitors, but revenue stays flat. We will optimize your website to increase the sales conversion and bring in more revenue to your company.

  • Step 3: Website Design Optimization - We will rewrite your content and redesign your website.
  • Step 4: Speed Optimization - We will shorten your website’s loading time to keep more visitors.
  • Step 5: Social Proof & Testimonial Acquisition - We will help you to set up, gather & promote social proofs & testimonials on your website and social media pages.
  • Step 6: Click-Through-Rate Optimization - We will optimize your websites meta title and schema mark-up to improve your click-through-rates from the search results on Google. 

Stage 3 – Dominate Search Traffic

Ranking on page 1 is not enough because You will only get one spot on page 1. We use high-quality SEO ranking strategies & link building campaign to gain multiple spots on page 1 of Google search results.

  • Step 7: Local Map SEO Domination– We help to rank your Google Business Page in Google local map results.
  • Step 8: Organic SEO Domination – We will rank your website on page 1 Google organic search results.
dominate search traffic

Stage 4 – Re-Engagement & Follow-Up

95% of your visitors will leave your website without any conversion. We will use remarketing strategies to bring back past visitors to your website which will result in an increase of another 5%-10%of sales.

  • Step 9: Remarketing Ads - We use remarketing ads to bring back past non-converted visitors to increase the chances that they will make a purchase on this next visit.
facebook remarketing

Want to more success stories from companies who have used our proven SEO Marketing Strategy? Click below to learn more.

SEO case study - increase revenue - boy with rocket

Limited Seats

If you are serious in improving your business revenue up to five times the regular rate, then you need to act fast. We will not accept more than two clients that participate in a similar niche industry and location. This is a way of protecting our clients by ensuring they get quality service every time. We don’t want to compete with our self.

To keep our work unique, we have limited the number of new cases to five per month.

Are You Ready to Make a Change?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Do you use any black hat methods to rank your website?
    Just like our Organic SEO program, we do not create thousands of low-quality links or hack other websites to place your link and help rank any website. We are using clean, high quality and up-to-date SEO strategies to rank our client’s website.
  • What if the result doesn’t meet the expectations we set in the beginning?
    We will continue our SEO work, free of charge until we meet our targets.
  • Do I need to continue to engage you to maintain your website’s ranking?
    No. But we highly recommend continuing your engagement because your competitors continuously improve their website, and they will eventually outrank you if you stop the SEO work we have set-up.
  • What is the advantage of this SEO campaign compared other typical SEO campaigns on the web?
    Other SEO campaigns focus on ranking keywords of your choice at low rates. We focus increasing your revenue up to five to ten times.

Everything Sound Good?

And remember, we have limited spots available! We will only work with two clients for each web niche.

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