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seo contest 2020

SEO Contest 2020 – How to Get Multiple Spots on Page 1

Recently, there is an SEO contest using foreign language search terms (Chinese), Searchathon organised by Ivan So, an SEO Expert from Hong Kong. The SEO contest was established to gather everyone interested in SEO to join a search engine optimisation contest to promote the SEO industry. Hopefully, it can educate more people about SEO in […]

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How a Local Travel Business Increased Their Sales By 283% To RM307,000/Month

Do you want to increase your revenue by 283%? 283% might not sound a lot for an online e-commerce store.  However, this is a significant improvement for local businesses who provide tangible services. Do you want to know how a local travel business increase its sales by 283% to RM 307,000 per month using our […]

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11 Top Cover-up Reasons Why SEO Marketing Is Not for You

Are you looking for SEO marketing strategies to generate more sales but you’re not sure if it works? My guess is you’ve visited many SEO companies’ website (including this one) gathering information on the benefits of SEO marketing and why you should start an SEO campaign for your company. However, SEO Marketing might not be […]

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The Important of SEO Marketing For Your Business

Are you part of the 90% of business website owners in Malaysia that has a great-looking website design, yet nobody knows about you? Never being found by a potential customer means no sales. A website is useless if it can’t help you increase your sales and revenue. There are hundreds of millions of visitors using search […]

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untapped traffic for local business

Local SEO, Untapped Website Traffic for Local Businesses

Are you running a business with a physical and fixed location? Are you for instance plumber, hairdresser, restaurant owner, florist, or doctor? Are you doing Local SEO strategies for your business? If you’re not, then you are definitely losing from massive opportunities to grow your business. Do you know why? This is because majority of […]

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list of web hosting server

The Ultimate List Of 100++ Cheap Web Hosting And How To Choose The Right One

Nowadays, you can easily find dozen of web hosting providers. The price has been reducing tremendously due to the high competition in this industry. This means that it is possible to get a good quality and reliable web hosting provider at very affordable price. This article will be helpful for those who are looking for […]

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ultimate serp rank tracker review

The Ultimate Online Rank Tracker Review

Everyone in organic search engine marketing knows tracking website’s position is important to a business. A good accurate keyword rank tracker delivers promptly notification about the changes of a website’s ranking. This can be an alert to business owner to prepare and make changes in case of a big drop in ranking due to search […]

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4 ultimate tips when getting a SEO service

Everyone knows SEO is important and should be part of your marketing tools. It can help you generate numerous leads on 24X7 a weeks and 365 a year basis at cost less than a sales person. But how to you ensure you are implementing a successful SEO campaign? There are lots of SEO services using […]

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Google Panda Guidelines

As explained in Wikipedia, Google Panda is a change to Google’s search results ranking algorithm that was first released in February 2011. The change aimed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” or “thin sites“, and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results. Google has posted a guidance listed 23 points on […]

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Tricks to Avoid Using Duplicated Image and Optimize Image ALT Tag

Most of the search engines are not only able to find out duplication text but also images. To test it, simply copy the image URL and search in Google Image.  You may notice Google shall return similar images. If you are copy the image from somewhere else without doing any major modification, it will likely […]

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Simple Steps That Help Your Website Ranks Better

On-page optimization is becoming more and more important nowadays. It set as fundamental in order to rank high. Based on my observation, the majority of the websites in Malaysia are not optimized yet. You still can see plenty of website with their company name as their title or even just “Home” as the page title. […]

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SEO Keywords Analysis and Selection

Keyword analysis and selection is the first and important step in an SEO process.  It is always recommended to choose the common keywords relevant to your business and with high monthly searches. Let’s take an example of an online shop selling fashion cloth to Malaysian. Find out relevant SEO keywords First, we can brainstorm any […]

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SEO Process Overview

Malaysia Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still new compare to others country. Based on our past experience, to get top 10 ranking for your website in Malaysia search result is not difficult. This is because there are still a lot of companies didn’t implement SEO or do it in the wrong way. This info-graphic indicates […]

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