[Easy Guide] Short Search Engine Optimization Course for Local Businesses to Get More Sales

(Suitable For Non-IT Users)

This is an [Easy Guide] that helps you gain higher website ranking and traffic in Google through Easy-to-Apply search engine optimization strategy.

Yes. SEO is a complex process in general, especially if you are in a very competitive industry.

But for local businesses, you don’t need to know everything to start optimizing your website to get more traffic and sales.

Many SEO Guides focus on how to write the long-form and high-quality content to rank a page. But this doesn’t work the same way for local businesses. User will not want to read a 3000 words content when searching for a dentist or plumber.

It is the same problem when coming to the link building process. It is not easy to promote and get someone to link to plumber or dentist website.  

To solve the struggle of the local business owners, we pick and share the critical SEO steps to help you quickly learn and apply easily to your local business. These are the same foundation works that we use to our client, which often gain significant ranking and traffic improvement.

Benefits of SEO Marketing to Your Business

  • You get free traffics from Google without paying an advertising fee
  • You get better leads (compare to Facebook ads) that are in the final stage of their buying process, which means you can close the sale more straightforward and faster.
  • You get a better return on investment (ROI) in the long term. Unlike using paid ads, you stop getting visitor once you stop your payment.
  • You will be shown as the authority in your industry. Visitors will believe in you more since  Google put you on the top position of the result page naturally.
  • You will receive more traffic because many users avoid clicking Google Ads to a website.

Case Study: Local Door Repair Contractor

case study of google analytics view of a door repair contractor

A local business owner start implements SEO marketing since Jun 2018 and receive average 350+ free visitors from Google for the past 12 months.

If the business owner would like to use Google Ads to bring the same amount of 4800++ visitors, it will cost around RM 12,000 (Assuming RM 2.5 cost per click X 4,800 visitors).

And these free traffics are continuing to flow in daily for many years to come.

Should You Do-It-Yourself or Appoint an SEO Company?

team with question mark on face

Do you have the budget to spend RM 1,500 onward every month on SEO marketing?

If yes, it is fine to appoint an SEO Malaysia company, especially you are busy with your business operation.

But if budget is an issue, why not do it by yourself? Especially if you are a local business owner that serve people in your city only.

For example a tailor in Ipoh, plumber in Penang, roof contractor in JB, dentist in Klang, barber in Damansara, veterinarian in Puchong, pharmacy store in Seremban, etc.

In fact, the SEO competition for local businesses is not high at all. You can implement the SEO campaign on your own with proper guidance to rank your website in top position.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s clarify that this is not a one-push button trick to rank your website overnight. You still need to learn the proper steps and take action to implement the strategy.

Check out our free express Guide, if this is what you wish to gain these free traffics to your local business website.

This guide summarizes my 10 years of SEO experience for SME businesses in Malaysia & Singapore, which saving a lot of time to search for training material on-line that suit to a company in these locations. Checkout our SEO training course if you are looking for video-based training.

Print Out For Reading?

Download E-Book (65 Pages)

Lesson 1: How to Use SEO Marketing Effectively for Your Business

  • How SEO Marketing Bring Sales to Your Business
  • How Google Rank a Website?
  • 3 Easy-to-Apply SEO Steps for Local Business
google search result on monitor screen

Lesson 2: How to Find The Best SEO Keyword for Local Business

  • How to get keyword ideas
  • How to find Relevant keywords
  • How to find search volume
  • How to pick the final keywords
choose the right keywords

Lesson 3: How to Make Your Website Become SEO Friendly

  • Setting up Google Search Console
  • The 3 Keys Optimization
  • Content & Image Optimization
  • Schema Markup Optimization
SEO friendly & responsive web design

Lesson 4: How to Get More Links for Local Business Website

  • What is The Best Links
  • Setting up Social Profile & Brand Links
  • Increase Local Citations
  • The Primary Links
website links

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