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8 Things To Consider When Starting Your SEO Service

Everyone knows SEO is essential and should be part of your online marketing strategies. It can help you generate numerous leads on 24X7 a weeks and 365 a year basis at cost less than a salesperson.

But how do you ensure you are implementing a successful SEO campaign? There are lots of SEO services using various methods that claim they can help you rank your website. You need to be very cautious when choosing an SEO company.

Here are 8 tips you should consider when choosing your Malaysia SEO services.

#1 Generalist VS Specialist?

If you are having nose sinus problem, would you prefer to visit a general doctor or ENT specialist? I guess everyone will engage an ENT specialist, right?

But when come to appointing an SEO company, would you prefer to select a digital marketing agency that offers various type of services including SEO marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and online advertising? Or prefer to appoint an SEO company that specializes in SEO marketing?

Honestly, many digital marketing agencies still deliver a good SEO campaign.  However, their focus might not be that much compared to a company that only focus on SEO marketing. If given a choice, why not look for a specialist?

If you are looking for social media marketing, email marketing or AdWords management, this is not the right place for you. However, if you are looking for search marketing services, this is probably one of the best places for you.

#2 What Type Of SEO Methods Are They Using To Rank Your Site?

Ask them in general what they do to rank your website. What is the process within the SEO campaign? Are they generating thousands of low-quality links to rank your website? It is better to understand what they are going to do, although you may not understand some of the technical steps.

Seo worksWe have a few companies come to us asking for SEO consultation. We found that their website has been optimized in the wrong way where the previous SEO Company created a thousand low-quality links and caused the site penalized by Google.

The process to recover a penalized website is much more than ranking a brand new website. The impact is enormous if you have an old domain name where you can’t directly change a new domain name.

In short, be cautious if one claim can they can create hundreds or thousands high-quality links to rank your website with just a few hundred of Ringgit Malaysia.

#3 Be Smart When Choosing The Right Keywords

Choose the right keywordsDo not simply accept keywords propose by SEO Company. We do see some companies accept their company name as the keyword. This is useless as nobody knows your company or types your company name in search engine.

It doesn’t help even your ranking is at the top 1 of the search result page. Proper keyword analysis should provide the detail report for each keyword according to the 4 golden rules. These include the average monthly searches, keyword competition, keyword relevancy and commercial value.

From there, you can select the best keyword which should drive the highest target traffic to your website.

#4 Are You Setting The Right Measurement For Your SEO Campaign?

Set The Right MeasurementHow to determine the measurement with SEO Company is another important factor.

In general, it can be measured based on keywords ranking, traffic volume, and leads quantity.

Measure by Keyword Ranking

You shall receive weekly or monthly ranking report from rank tracker indicate your website ranking. Do make sure you choose the proper keywords which fulfil the 4 golden rules as described above.

There is no point you have 10 top ranking keywords which are low monthly searches, low commercial value and not relevant to your product or services. It doesn’t bring high targeted traffic to your site.

Measure by Traffic Volume

You shall receive a monthly traffic report which usually generates from Google analytics too. You need to be very carefully checking the source of the traffic.

A lot of companies claim they can bring a thousand visitors to your site within days. They do keep their promise if you check the report in Google Analytic in general view. But if you drill down the visitor by geographical location, do not be surprised to see hundreds of visitors come from other countries like Pakistan or India.

One can simply use USD 5 get service from to blast automated visitors to create a fake high volume of traffic. These visitors are not real visitors or will not spend any money on your product or service.

Measure by Leads Quantity

You shall receive a report indicating how many leads contacted you within a month. The lead can be a phone call, WhatsApp or email. This may be only applicable to service-based businesses. Proper tracking can be done using Google analytics which can track down to which button user click to contact you. Here is an example report show number of the call, WhatsApp and email happen on your website.

measure by unique events in google analytics

#5 Are Your SEO company implement conversion optimization on your website?

SEO marketing is not just about better ranking or more visitors. Proper website conversion optimization should be done to increase the ROI of your investment.

For example, your website initially gets 2 customers from 100 visitors. After proper optimization, your website able to get 4 customers from 100 visitors. That is another 100% ROI increase with the same among of traffics.

How does that change your business revenue?

#6 Do they help you to use remarketing ads bring back past visitor?

This is not the typical Facebook or google ads. The remarketing ads only will display your message to the visitors who visited your website. The ads cost will be very low as the audience targeting is very specific.

This often can bring back more sales or enquiries and also improve your brand authority in front of your audience.

#7 Does your SEO campaign include Google My Business Optimization?

Showing in Google map result is another crucial strategy to get more traffic to your website. If your Google My Business page is showing on top with a lot of positive customer reviews, you will definitely get more customers.

This is because customer reviews are proven able to turn more visitor into paying customers. Find out more about GMB and how it can help your business at

#8 Reduce the risk of your SEO investment

Traditional SEO services usually charge big upfront payment without showing any results. You often need to put yourself in risk by investing a big amount of money to “trust” an SEO company and hope they delivered their promise.

Some companies do provide a money-back guarantee, but you have spent a few months of time waiting for the result. If possible, always look for reputation SEO Company, a company that provides more payment options and not by yearly payment.

Key Takeaways

It is no doubt appointing the right SEO company does take need to consider the various type of factors. A successful SEO plan can definitely increase your business revenue in the long term but at a much lower cost compared to traditional marketing tools.

I hope this article able to give you a better idea of how to choose the right SEO company. Feel free to comment if you have further questions.

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