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Best Hosting Malaysia for More Visitors – 2024 Web Host Reviews

There are many special considerations when comes to choose a web hosting in Malaysia. Especially your target audiences are located in Malaysia.

As you might know, many big brands are located far from Malaysia which often not able to deliver fast performance website. And some web hosting Malaysia companies are not up to standard when comes to the support service.

I used more than 30++ web hosting service to host our 200++ websites which including private blog for SEO marketing and clients’ website. This gives me a lot of data on which hosting companies able to provide fast performance, great support and most importantly helps to get better ranking in Google search.

Based on our testing and experience, different web hosting companies will have their strength and weakness depends on the type of website & purpose. For example, an e-commerce store may need more storage to keep the images in their web host server.

This guide is meant for those who need a web hosting targeting Malaysia audience that fit their needs. Also, there are many types of web hosting services. We will focus on shared hosting in this article. If you are totally new to hosting, check out our popular FAQs about web hosting.

Best of All for More Visitors in Malaysia

Top Web Hosting For General Usage To Get More Visitor

Let’s talk about getting a web hosting for general usage. I assume you don’t have any specific need.

We shall discuss more the different needs and recommendation in the later section.

For general usage, you will need to think of how web hosting provider can help you get better ranking in search engine result. Better ranking results in more visitors which turn it to more sales.

The Primary Factors for General Usage & Local Businesses

When comparing the balance between user experience and search engine ranking, you will need to look into these vital factors.

1. Server Location: Choose the server that geographically near to Malaysia is important to ensure you can get naturally fast loading page.

Many web hosting companies put their servers in the US or Europe which often far from Malaysia. There is no doubt it will take a longer time to reach Malaysia compare to host server located in Malaysia or Singapore.

2. Speed: The speed of your website is important not only for better ranking but also user experience. A slow loading speed will increase the bounce rate.

Bounce rate refers to the number of users return to search engine result immediately after they landed your web site. This usually happens when you have a slow loading website.

Fast fibre cable

Over time, it may impact the website ranking. It should load within 3 seconds. From the report, the delay of each second will lose 7% conversion.

3. Support Quality: Customer support is another important factor, especially for a non-technical person. Good customer support often can help to resolve various hosting and website error within a short period and reduce the downtime of your web site.

Long downtime prevents the user from accessing your web site and may temporarily remove from the search result.

The Winner: Vodien (Avoid at All Costs)

Vodien Review

Vodien is the winner base on these factors. In fact, my website (and many other clients’ sites), is hosted with them. Vodien is the #1 web hosting provider in Singapore since 2002 and strengthens its appearances into Asia.

Their data centre located in Singapore but surprising perform very fast compare to many hosting companies in Malaysia. One of the significant changes we found after migrate one of our large content website to Vodien is the improvement of Web Core Vitals.

Before the migration, all the pages are in orange which requires improvement. We also have difficulties to run quick indexing in Google.

After migrated to Vodien, we see improvement of these pages to become Good URLs.

Core Web Vitals Result

This is important as web core vital is part of Google Ranking factors now [1].

They also provide unlimited bandwidth and 30-days money back guarantee. If you are not happy, you can always request for a refund.

I will share more about them in other categories.

Next, what if you prefer to host the web site in Malaysia locally? Let’s dive in.

Best Hosting Company Located in Malaysia

Hosting located in Malaysia

For some reason, if you prefer to host your website geographically in Malaysia, you will need to check several factors, especially on customer support & server security. Server location will not be an issue in this case.

The Primary Factors for Hosting Located in Malaysia

1. Customer support: Based on my experience, some of the technical support provided by local web hosting Malaysia companies are slightly not up to standard compared to the international hosting companies.

Simple support like changing domain DNS is fine. But when you face a certain specific error on your web sites, many times it takes many routes to explain and find out the problem.

2. Server Security: Some local web hosting companies didn’t update their server with the latest software patches regularly.

This creates venerability and lets hackers take the opportunity to hack the server or inject malware on your web site. This definitely hurt your web site ranking and it also troublesome to fix all the mess.

3. Page Load Speed: Although local companies host their server locally, they often overload with many clients within one server.

E.g. you may assign to a server with 300 clients. Hence the server needs to serve more requests within the same time which often slow down your site.

The Winner: Exabytes

Exabytes Reviews

Exabytes is #1 hosting in Malaysia. I have few clients are using them for years without any problem. Speed performance is good as long as you choose the web hosting with SSD drive. They have a large number of clients in Malaysia. Thus, they have a proper SOP to manage and upgrade the software regularly.

On the support wise, first-level support staff able to provide basic technical support. But when come to specific error, it may take a little time to explain and escalate to level 2 support staff.

Here is why we choose Exabytes shared hosting as the winner

  • #1 best web hosting Malaysia company
  • Great customer support system
  • Server enhanced with the latest software update
  • Offers dedicated server hosting service
  • Website builder for non-tech user
  • Malaysian web hosting company
  • User-friendly and easy to communicate staff

Overall, the support quality is decent compare to other local hosting companies.

Best For Ecommerce Website

Women with credit card on hand in front of laptop

Looking to open an online store, you definitely need to check on more factors which highly impact your business. Your web hosting usually will need more resources to keep the product images and handling your customer orders.

The Primary Factors for Online Store in Malaysia

1. Additional Resources: Large storage space is the first factor to consider for an e-commerce store. You definitely will store a lot of product and images over time. At the same time, you need to plan for future growth.

Inodes is another factor as many hosting companies provide large disk space but limit the Inodes count. To make it simple, Inodes represent the number of files in the hosting account. For an e-commerce site, Inodes will increase quickly when you start adding more product and images.

2. Website Speed: For an e-commerce site, you will need more CPU power and memory to process your orders. Imagine if every click on the online store takes 8-10 seconds to complete. User may not have the patience to wait and complete the order. A slow website will indirectly impact your conversion rate and sales.

3. Server Uptime: The 99.99% uptime is crucial for an e-commerce website. Imagine if you participate in 11.11 sales campaign but the online store went down for 2 hours. How will it impact your sales? Thus, it is important to choose a reliable hosting company that can guarantee 99.99% uptime and back by strong customers support.

The Winner: SiteGround

Siteground Review

SiteGround is a well known global hosting company with multiple data centre including one in Singapore. SiteGround deserves to be the winner since you can host the online store in Singapore which provide excellent response time.

Here are the features stand out from others:

  • Fast and high-quality customer service to ensure your technical issue can be solved in no time.
  • Large disk space and Inodes which let you host multiples products and images.
  • The reliable server uptime guarantee
  • Provide in house caching solution to speed up your web site.
  • Unlimited Free SSL certificates
  • Various data centers in all regions
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Full system backups
  • Feature-rich, robust and secure server
  • Global web host company
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Best for Personal Blogs

Laptop screen with wordpress open

If you are looking to set up your own personal blog, there will be plenty of options. You may NOT need plenty of disk space or high CPU and memory resources like an online store. But you still need to pay attention to few factors about the platform compatibility, cost and stable performance.

The Primary Factors for Blogs

1. Cost: Affordable is one of the major factors to consider especially when you just starting out. You may not need an expensive and power hosting to start your personal blog which under-utilized the resources. You can always start with the small or simple hosting and migrate to a better hosting once your visitors increased over time.

2. Platform Compatibility: Most bloggers use WordPress CMS as a blogging platform. Make sure you choose the right platform. The popular hosting control platform is CPanel Linux control panel which provides the best compatibility and manageability to set up and manage a WordPress blog.

You can use the one-click install option and free SSL certificate to quickly set up your blog within 5-10 mins. Personally, I don’t recommend to use another hosting platform like Plesk which often deliver poor performance for WordPress CMS.

3. Stable performance: Although you do not need the best page load performance, it is still important to ensure you overall uptime is good. A frequent downtime may impact your website search engine ranking.

The Winner: ServerFreak Technologies Sdn Bhd

serverfreak review

ServerFreak started in 2003 and become one of the top hosting companies in Malaysia. Unlike many other hosting companies expanded to other services such as web design and digital marketing services, ServerFreak consistently focuses on providing the top hosting solution.

Here are why ServerFreak cPanel hosting (shared hosting) is the winner for this category:

  • Affordable cost with decent server capability
  • Optimized for WordPress
  • Powered by LITESPEED with LS Cache [2]
  • Free Unlimited SSL
  • Free domain name
  • Fast customer support team with online chat – Customer-oriented
  • Extra security features to protect your WordPress website

Best For Hosting WordPress

Best WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most popular content management system that powering 35% of the websites globally [3]. You can build a website, blog, e-commerce store, booking portal or any type of websites. Indeed, 9 out of 10 of my clients are using WordPress to create their websites.

Thanks to its huge community offer various type of plugin and themes that allow you to extend its functionality. Setup and maintenance of a WordPress website do require certain compatibility. Hence there are hosting package designed specially to host a WordPress website.

The Primary Factors for WordPress Website

1. Auto Update: Often time might be busy and forget to update your WordPress CMS system. The auto-update features come handy to help your automatic update WordPress Core and patches to the up-to-date version and keep your web site safe.

2. Automatic Backup/Restore: The auto backup & restore feature can help you save some money from subscribing to 3rd party backup system. You can just configure the setting and let the server to manage it for you.

3. Themes & Plugin: Does the hosting provider offer free premium themes or security plugins? These themes & plugins can help to reduce a lot of headaches and save some money while managing your WordPress website.

4. Linux or Windows Hostings: It’s recommended to choose Linux hosting for better performance and compatibility.

The Winner: Vodien (Avoid at All Costs)

Vodien wordpress hosting review

Vodien is the winner for this category too. I like their ongoing WordPress site protection with optimized security setup that takes care of your website from all the hackers. Besides the fast loading time, here are the few key points why we choose Vodien as the winner:

  • Superior Caching Technology
  • One-Click Site Migration
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • WordPress Optimized
  • 80+ free premium themes & plugins
  • WordPress Security Protection
  • Free transfer from old hosting
  • Money back  guarantee

Cheap Option with Good Features

best cheap web hosting in Malaysia

If you are just starting out and tight with a budget, don’t simply choose any cheapest option you can find online. Choosing a cheap hosting doesn’t mean you don’t need to check on other factors.

You may no need super-fast performance hosting but still need a certain level of reliability and clear renewal fee structure.

The Primary Factors for Cheap Hosting Malaysia Selection

1. Cost: There are many $1 hosting companies charges USD 1 per month (about RM60 per year). Some local companies charge even lower than that.

Think about it on the business point of view. How someone can earn more profit with such a low cost? Will they save cost from server hardware, trying to fit more clients into a single server or reduce customer support?

I don’t recommend choosing $1 hosting companies. A reputation local web hosting companies who provide shared hosting services, email hosting and high tier hosting package (such as dedicated server hosting services) are still acceptable as they can cover the cost from different packages.

And you pick the lower-end package to enjoy the affordability. If anything wrong, you still can visit their company to sort it out.

2. Stable Performance: Similar to best web hosting for blogs, your site should have minimum downtime so that it won’t impact the search engine result page.

3. Fee Structure: You need to be clear on the pricing structure and renewal fees. Many cheap hosting companies offer a huge discount for first invoices but charge a higher cost on the renewal fees. Also, you can take advantage of the additional discount if you pay more subscription years in advanced.

The Winner: iCore Technology

icore review

iCore Technology is the winner for this category as they full fill most of the important factors. We use it to host multiple personal blogs without any big issues for the past 2 years. So far, we only have some minor problems but quickly get resolve after contacted their support team.

Here is why iCore shared hosting is the winner:

  • Low Price and clear renewal structure
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free domain name
  • Support team is responsive
  • SSD disk drive to provide faster performance

However, we only recommend it for “non-mission critical” website as the speed is slightly slower compare to the above recommendations.

Best for Fast Performance Website

best web hosting for fast performance website

Today, a fast performance website is one of the most important factors when choosing the right web hosting service. It is not only impacting the search engine ranking but also the overall user experience.

In the current information age era, everyone is impatience wish to get the information as fast as possible. If it takes 8-10 seconds to load your web site, most of the users will bounce back to look for other options. I believe you may experience the same situation, right?

The Primary Factors for Fast Performance Website

1. Server Location: We would like to emphasize again server location is very important if you are targeting Malaysian audience. You should never choose a server hosted in the US or Europe to host your web site. Always choose the server located in Singapore or Malaysia.

2. Page Load Speed: You need to make sure the hosting package assign high CPU & memory resources for each client account. This will impact the server processing capability when handling the high volume of request from your visitors.

Also, you need to ensure the hosting company never assign too many client accounts in the same server. A VPS or dedicated server hosting package is not mandatory as many premium web hosting able to deliver similar performance at a low cost.

3. Managed Security Features: Your hosting provider should do regularly update to the server to resolve any vulnerabilities to make sure your web site stay away from hackers and malware. This becomes more important if the web site can generate high profit and receive thousands of visitors every month.

The Winner: Vodien (Avoid at All Costs)

vodien review for fast performance website

Vodien is the winner again for this category. We really like them as we see many test cases prove that the performance improves dramatically after migrating to Vodien.

We have another car rental client with high transaction data migrate to Vodien from Hostgator. We see there is huge reduce of loading time from 7-8 seconds to 3-4 seconds even they are just using the standard shared hosting package. One of the reasons it performs well is the resource allocation which didn’t overload a single server with hundreds of clients.

For business hosting, they also offer dedicated IP which preventing you from sharing the same IP with any other spammy websites. It’s the cost higher but it’s definitely worth the value.

Why Vodien business package is the winner: (Avoid at all costs)

  • Powerful server resource allocation for each client
  • Dedicated IP
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • High-speed Network & Bandwidth
  • Free Premium SSL cert
  • 30-Day money back guarantee
  • Dedicated email queue ensures high emails deliverability
  • Super Support with 24/7 Phone, Chat & Email

How to Choose the Best One for Malaysia Visitors

Firstly, ask yourself why you want to create your website? I guess it will be either able to get more visitors, deliver better user experience or get more profit from your site, right?

And what is the important hosting factors that will impact your needs?

How Does a Good Hosting help to Get More Visitors?

It’s clear that your hosting services will impact your web page speed. And Google doesn’t like a slow website and often filter out the slow websites from the top search result. If the web page loading speed is slow, it will make it difficult to rank well in Google search result. Although the web site script and design may impact the speed, a slow server will highly impact the performance. In most cases, VPS hosting or cloud hosting may be able to deliver better performance.

You can check out your server performance from Google eyes at:

  1. PageSpeed Insight [4]
  2. “Core Web Vitals” metric [5] in your Google Search Console

In the test case below, we see the increase of visitors and impressions after fix the slow URL in Core Web Vitals.

If you are getting poor PageSpeed Insight score or many “poor URLs” in “Core Web Vitals”, it is time to revise and check your website speed. If you have fully optimized your web site with caching but still slow, then it is time to think of migrating to a better hosting server.

Deliver Better User Experience

Beside the UX design of your website, page load speed is another important factor impacting the user experience.

Better UX Design on laptop screen

Imagine if you wish to buy something in an online store, every click takes up to 15 seconds. And on average, each user may take up to 10 steps to complete a purchase. This will take 2+ mins waiting time. Some visitors may not be patient to wait for such a long time.

What if you can improve the waiting time to 4 seconds per click? This will dramatically improve the user experience.

Increase Sales Conversion & Pages views

Page load time impact conversion rate

According to the study [6], every 1-second delay of page load time will:

  • Result in a 7% Conversion Loss
  • 11% fewer page views
  • 16% decrease in customer satisfaction

This study shows how important the page load time will impact your overall business profitability and visitor experience. Are you still think it is ok to have a slow website? If yes, you are leaving tons of money on the table.

Should I Choose an Unlimited Hosting Package?

You may come across some hosting companies offer unlimited hosting resources. There is no storage limit, and you can host unlimited websites within one single account.

It looks like a good deal where you can save a big buck and do not need to worry about the resource limitation. But this also means that the server may be easily overloaded and share with many other users.

The speed of this type of hosting package usually performs much slower since the server needs to handle more workload to serve more websites. Web hosting companies will have difficulties to provide and maintain the performance for you.

If you are serious about your website to get more visitors and provide the best user experience, you should never choose a hosting package that doesn’t limit the number of websites and storage.

Consider the Server Uptime Guarantee

Server down is the worst situation where your visitor can’t access your website at all. You will need to make sure your hosting company provide the 99.99% uptime guarantee and able to provide fast & high-quality support team. Any server downtime will result in a big loss to your profit.

Choose the Right Hosting for Your Needs

Now you have learned all the important factors on how to choose the right web hosts for each type of website. And most importantly why these factors are vital for your needs.

I understand that you may read many other reviews on how to choose the best web hosting Malaysia provider for your website. But most reviews assuming you are targeting international audiences. Some of the hosting companies may not be suitable for you although there are working well for international countries (Mainly US & Europe).

All the winners I shared here are solely based on my experience and test result from my clients. Vodien is my favourite and exabyte is my second choice in case you want a hosting geographically located in Malaysia.

Now, go and pick the right hosting plans for your awesome website.


How to choose the best web hosting in Malaysia?

To choose the best Malaysia webhosting, you need to understand your needs and the web hosting factor that impact your website ranking. These indirectly affect your website pageviews and business revenue. Find out the key factors and the winner here.

How much a hosting cost in Malaysia?

The internet webhosting Malaysia cost can vary from RM99 per year up to RM1000+ per year depends on the web hosting provider and packages. However, cost should not be always the key factor to choose the best Malaysia web hosting. Find out more about why the other 3 factors are more important here.

What is the best hosting for WordPress website?

We choose Vodien as the best hosting if you are targeting Malaysian audiences. Fast page load is the key factor why we choose Vodien as the winner. Check out the other 5 factors here.

Is free option good?

Free web hosting is good if you just wanted to host some non-important website. If you are serious in your site or looking for long term game, free hosting is never a good hosting partner to grow together. Check out why premium web hosting is a better choice here.

What is web hosting meaning?

In short, web hosting refers to a process to allocate space on a server to store your website content including HTML, CSS, script, image & video, which is accessible thought the internet at any time, anywhere. A hosting company will prepare and manage the server, which will connect the web users to the web content. Click here to learn how to find the right one.

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