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Why You Need to Invest More in Designing Your Web Site?

It’s no secret that most Malaysian business owners only care about layout and design when it comes to their website design services. Just because you have a nice looking website, however, doesn’t mean it will bring you the customers you need. And there still many think that it is not a must to have a website.

Most people only see their website as something to display on their business cards and hand out to people, such as potential clients.

Did You Know Your Website Can Work Far More That?

A great website should able to help you generate sales 365 a year and 24×7 a week. It is useless if it can’t help you bring in more revenue. The secret behind a great website is the high targeted traffic and great conversion web design.

A best web site design should be to get you sales every single day of the year. If it can’t bring in more revenue for you, then it’s useless. What’s the secret? You need both high targeted visitors and fantastic conversion design website.

Everyday, Google sees 3.5 billion keyword searches. If your site can rank well in Google search results, you’re looking at a lot of free traffic pointed right to your site.

How To Ranking High In The Searches and Get High Targeted Visitors?

Google has over 200 factors it takes into consideration when determining what sites should get those top spots in the search results. Basically, these factors can be split between off-site optimization and off-site optimization.

As you can imagine, off-site factors are ones that you don’t have much control over. It’s controlled not by your website’s coding but by how your website “interacts” with others. This includes the number of backlinks and mentions other websites give yours.

On the other hand, on-site optimization is something you can control. These factors include many things such as HTML coding, Meta tagging, keyword placement that is appropriate, good design, lots of long-tail keywords and a good density of keywords.

What makes a website a good candidate for high rankings for targeted traffic? Quite frankly, it’s a search engine friendly website that has been on-page optimized. If you don’t focus on your on-page efforts, you’re going to find it much harder to get the organic traffic you need.

SEO optimized website

Our Specialties

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase your business sales by getting a high conversion design website that will bring in visitors ready to spend.

On Page Optimization

Our on-page optimization will deliver only the best experience when it comes to the search engines.

SEO Marketing

We specialize in the latest SEO marketing that will get your website far without ever being penalized by sites like Google.

Our Services

SEO Friendly With Innovative Designs

This is our main goal. As a professional Malaysia web designer, we focus on both standard and mobile layouts that bring high conversions while still being search engine friendly in its design. Our services area include website design in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Our key design features are as follow:

Engaging Animated Video

60% of the users will watch video before reading any text in your website. Video is one of the most effective way to share your message to your audience. We create high engaging animated videos that your customers will want to watch. Build your brand and increase your sales.

Flat Design

We pride ourselves in our clean, professional designs that focus on simple designs and bright colors to really make your business pop. This gives your visitors a clean user experience as opposed to using too many 3D effects or other overused design techniques.

Keyword Analysis

We will research the best keywords for your pages and help you get some good content for your pages. This may include synonyms, placement, and the best density to get you good rankings.

Content Management System

WordPress is our go-to to help you set up the best content management out there. It’s easy to use, clean to install, and a must for any good website based on content.

Search Engine Friendliness

All on-page optimizations will be done correctly with us. Your Meta tags, headings, images, and page titles will be what they should be.

Responsive Design

We care that your website will be easy to see and use on various devices including desktops, tablets, and other mobile devices such as smartphones.

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