5 steps to get started with online marketing in Malaysia

Online Marketing Malaysia – 5 Easy Steps to Get Started

You might be heard a lot about digital marketing, online marketing or internet marketing Malaysia these days.

You may wonder, are there the same? If you are new to this online stuff, how to get started?

In this easy guide, you will find out what is exactly online marketing in Malaysia and what are the 5 steps to get started.

What is Online Marketing Malaysia?

Online marketing or internet marketing indeed is part of digital marketing. Digital marketing covers all type of marketing related to digital devices, not only a smartphone, laptop but also including TV, Radio and digital billboard.

Online marketing, aka internet marketing, only focuses on marketing strategies mainly through the internet.

Online marketing often less complex and easy to implement for most SME businesses. It may not cover other fancy digital marketing strategies like a sales funnel, email marketing, content marketing & inbound marketing.

Online Marketing

The main focus is to have a decent website and an effective traffic source to bring the online visitor to you, show you are the top leader in your field and convince them to engage with you.

Now, let’s dive into the 5 steps.

How to Start Internet Marketing in Malaysia?

#1 – A Good Looking & SEO Friendly Website Design

You will need a website or more precisely is own a domain name to represent your business and brand. The website is the foundation to get started in the online marketing world. Many claims they already have an active Facebook page, why I still need a website?

Don’t forget Facebook page is not owned by you. Facebook can close or banned your account one day without any warning. You will lose everything. Your audience. You traffic source.

It is important to have a website that acts as the home for all your online properties like the Facebook page, Google My Business page and other social media sites.

Also, make sure you own and register the domain name (you can register at < USD10 at namecheap.com) and not handled by the web design company or web designer.

You don’t need to have a fancy website but make sure it looks clean and professional that suit to your products & services.

You can engage your preferable Malaysia web designer to build the website but make sure it is always search engine optimization (SEO). An SEO friendly website will be the foundation to get free traffic from Google.

#2 – Social Media Marketing

Social media site is part of our daily life now. Facebook and Instagram are the popular social media platform in Malaysia. For a business, the appearance on social media platform with active updates shows that you are legitimate and increase the trustworthy in consumer’s eyes.

Social media with group of people

Imagine if you are looking for a service online and found a website. The website looks good and contains all the information that match your need.

What will you do next?

You mostly will check their Facebook page, right? Just to make sure their Facebook page is active.

I don’t mean to grow the followers on the Facebook page or get traffic visitor via Facebook. But it is important to have a proper Facebook page set up so that your visitor trust you more.

So, go ahead to set up your Facebook page, put a proper logo and make sure your cover photo contains the brand name, what you do and your unique selling point.

Facebook page cover is just like the signboard of a shop. Make sure you spend some time to do it right.

Lastly, don’t be lazy. Fill in all the necessary information on your Facebook page, contact information, company background, what you do, etc.

#3 – Google My Business Page

Many of us will register a Facebook page for our business. But not many will register Google My Business (GMB) page.

If you provide local services or products in Malaysia, I highly recommend you to register a GMB page. Even you are a service-based business, you still can have a GMB page but hide the address from the public.

By using GMB page, it will help you get free traffic from Google Search and Google map with proper optimization.

So, go ahead to register a GMB page, enter all the information, link to your existing website and upload photos. It will take up to 2 weeks for Google to send you a postcard to your address to verify your business.

GMB page also serves as a trust signal for Google to trust the website, which will help you rank better in Google search result.

Google My Business registration

Don’t forget to encourage your happy customers to leave reviews on GMB page. People who visited your GMB page and notice you have many good reviews will trust you more.

#4 – What is The Best Online Marketing Strategy to Get Visitors

Now, you have done the fundamental works. It’s time to promote your website online to the public. Without online advertising or marketing, nobody knows the website.

In Malaysia, we usually either start with Google search marketing or social media marketing (mainly Facebook marketing).

Answer yourself honestly. Will you find your own product or services in Google search or Facebook?

Google Search Engine Marketing

I guess nobody is new to Google search engine in Malaysia. Every day, we use Google to search for information, products & services.

Here are some examples of Malaysia business suitable for Google Search Engine:

  • Plumbing services
  • Tooth extraction
  • Locksmith
  • Appliance repair services
  • Rental services

In short, if there is demand in Google, it will be a good fit.

typing in laptop with Google page open

To implement Google search marketing, you can do:

  • Google ads (used to call Google Adwords) – Pay to place your target website on top of the search result to receive traffic from Google. Here are a complete Google ads guide if you wish to do it by yourself.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – A process to make your website show on the first page naturally in Google search result so that you can get free traffic from Google.

There are pros and cons for each of them. Check out this post to find out which one suitable for your business.

If budget is not an issue, do both at the same. Or contact a digital marketing agency to get further advice.

Facebook Marketing (Social Media Marketing)

For Facebook, it is a social media platform where not many actively search for some product or services in Malaysia. Facebook has its marketplace but still relatively small compared to Google search.

Here are some Malaysia businesses works well on Facebook:

  • F&B Businesses
  • Education, tuition centre, online course
  • E-commerce selling physical product < RM 300
  • New products/services that nobody searches in Google

For Facebook Marketing, it creates demand for the consumer.

To implement Facebook marketing, you can either use Facebook paid ads or grow organic followers on your Facebook page to get free traffic.

facebook for business

I don’t recommend using an organic way only because it is too slow. E.g. if you have 1000 follower on your Facebook page. Your new post only will be seen by 6% of the follower, which is about 6 people.

Time is money. I recommend you rather spend RM4-5 on Facebook ads which can help you reach to 1000 person on Facebook in Malaysia market.

I am not saying you don’t need to manage your Facebook page. You still need to continually add a new post on your Facebook page to show that your business is still “alive”. But don’t focus so much of growing the “likes” on your Facebook page.

Managing Facebook page is a time-consuming task. I recommend you to outsource it to a Malaysia digital marketing agency if budget is not an issue.

If you are an outspoken person, Facebook Live video in another hot and trending way to promote your products or services in Malaysia. I have seen many Malaysia business owners selling all kind of products such as seafood and groceries.

#5 – WhatsApp/WeChat/FB Messenger

Have you integrated any chat messenger on your website? Nowadays, most people don’t like to make calls and prefer to communicate using online instant messenger.

From our testing, we consistently see more than 50% of Malaysia users prefer to use WhatsApp to engage with the business owner.

integrate with chat

Ideally, we should make sure your potential clients can use the least effort and most convenient way to contact and engage with you. Instant chat messenger is one of the methods you should implement to your website and Facebook page.

Key Takeaways

Now, you should have a better idea of how to start your online marketing for your business in Malaysia.

In short, the website and social media profile are fundamental to start your digital marketing journey. Then follow by choosing the right online traffic source to your website. Make use of reviews and instant messenger to increase sales conversions or leads.

If you need any Google search marketing advice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, feel free to contact us here.

Or do you have any online marketing strategies to share? Do leave it below.


What is Online Marketing Malaysia?

Online marketing, aka internet marketing, only focuses on marketing strategies mainly through the internet.

How to Start Internet Marketing in Malaysia?

In short, you need a website and social media profile as fundamental to start your online marketing journey. Then follow by choosing the right online traffic source to the website. Make use of reviews and instant messenger to increase sales conversions or leads.

What Is The Best Online Marketing Strategy to Get Visitors?

Google and Facebook marketing is the best strategy to get more visitors in Malaysia.

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